Katie Schiefelbein

Katie Schiefelbein is a proud Leavenworth, Washington native, but has lived in Spokane for the past four years, attending Gonzaga University, and has come to view it as a second home. Upon graduating in May 2021, she will stay in Spokane, serving the city and its people while pursuing a Master's in Organizational Leadership through Gonzaga University. Spokane is a growing city filled with opportunities; however, it still maintains the sense of being a close-knit community and there is connection to be found with a diversity of people which is what appeals to her. Katie has a passion for helping people which is why the mission of Heal Spokane is something she believes in. She got connected with the organization through a partnership between Heal Spokane and a leadership program at Gonzaga called the Experiential Leadership Institute, of which she was the coordinator. She is honored to be a part of an organization dedicated to serving all communities in need, to the best of their abilities.

When not studying or volunteering, she can be found reading a good book, in one of Spokane's numerous coffee shops, or outside in nature, preferably a hiking trail.